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The Full Story

   I'm Canopy Don I've been designing and building mower & tractor canopies since 1986. You know back when dirt was young! Well six years ago I decided to reinvestigate an idea I had had in 1999 where I fabricated an aluminum mold so that I could produce a canopy from HDPE High Density Polyethylene. this stuff is beyond "tough" in fact its incredible.


   Well to make a long story short my mold was a total failure. The pro molders couldn't get a good part. They said they could form ABS parts which doesn't take much skill. Well I could do that on a ordinary wooden mold like I had been doing for ever. So I shelved this idea until 2013 when I decided to lay out some big bucks for a cast aluminum thermally controlled  professionally made mold. Walla I had what I had always wanted a nearly indestructible canopy shell. Not completely satisfied with the structural hardware I had been using for years , I was able to design the current system which will very effectively handle any ROPS within our specs. The new canopy is called RhinoHide and we have not replaced even one in the past six years.

All About US

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Tropical Leaves


Its 1986 I've just exanded my woodworking business by acquiring a product line that included a big plastic vaccuum forming machine & I'm looking for a new product to produce, walla in a trade magazine I see a company out in Hesston Kansas making Tractor canopies out of ABS plastic & they are looking for a molding source. I bid the job & lucky for me I didn't get it . But this spawned the idea, with my real background in metal working, I thought why not give this a shot.  I can certainly make a wood mold with a whole shop full of tools.

. My son Don Jr. on our first prototype. Sun Guard Canopies was born. I sold this Canopy line in 2009 and continued to act as an Internet retail dealer. Always wanting to build a better mousetrap I took a big risk and pursued my dream for a HDPE canopy.