BackHoe & ( Multi - machine) KIT

The Backhoe kit will make it possible to remove the canopy shell from its normal position and install on backwards over the backhoe seat. In just a couple of minutes.

This same kit will also make it possible to mount the canopy on a second machine, very simple if your ROPS are the same width. If different you can accomplish by first removing the canopy shell from the first machine, unbolting the two struts (four 1/4" bolts), installing the struts on the second machine and drilling (4) new holes in the shell and reinstalling the 1/4" bolts.   So if you can live with an extra set of 3/8" holes in the shell  you have doubled the usefulness of your Rhinohide Universal Tractor /mower canopy. You can install the Multi-Kit on Multiple pieces of equipment, just mount a Kit on each machines ROPS that you want to mount the canopy toCheck out the below video to see how this works.    

Backhoe Kit.jpg

Shown in backhoe position

$50 when shipped with an Easy model, $65 when ordered & shipped at a later date.

Tony could have mounted the brackets clear down on top the ROPS hinges & put the canopy in front of the ROPS for even better sun protection. The nice thing is you have many options to satisfy your personal need.