Q & A

Will it fit my ROPS? Yes with the following exceptions: ROPS legs over 2-1/4" x 4"  ROPS over 45 1/2" wide NO. If your ROPS are over 43" wide we can furnish extended brackets good up to 45 1/2" ", we just need to know. Not compatible with round ROPS legs but we have had a user, with one of the new Exmarks that used (4) 2-1/2" muffler clamps. He drilled (4) new holes in the brackets. It really worked well.

What is the lead time for shipping? Please see order page for shipping info.

Canceled orders: You can cancel anytime before shipping. Your refund will be charged the Paypal transaction fee which they charge wheter the sale is finalized or not.

Can I paint it? You could but you won't be happy when the paint falls off. HDPE simply does not hold paint well. The trade off is a shell thats many times tougher than Fiberglass, ABS plastic or vinyl / canvas. This will still look good years from now.

Can I trailer it? Yes we have tested it many miles at 60 miles per hour IF YOU INSTALL IT IN A LEVEL POSITION. The EASY model should be removed or  put a strap over it. For safeties sake a strap over the top is good insurance for both models. PLEASE GO TO THIS PAGE & READ .https://www.rhinohidecanopies.com/trailer-safety-issues

Can I install it on another machine? Yes you can turn the brackets over by swapping sides and you will have a new field to drill your final position holes in. Unless your new ROPS are the same width as the old machine you will end up with your old shell holes exposed when you drill new holes for the new shell position. 

Same Question. Yes If you have our EASY Off/ON model and a backhoe kit. If your ROPS are the same width no problem otherwise you will need to drill new mounting holes in the shell.

Do you charge Sales Tax?   Yes in Michigan and other states that require it.    

Can I pick up and save the shipping charges?  No that is not available.

Do you sell to Canada? Sorry No.

Do you give a military discount? Sorry with our low prices it isn't possible.

Can I return the product? We want you to do a DUE DILIGENCE examination of our product presentation. What you see & we claim is what you will get. The Rhinohide canopy is presented exactly as it is. If this is a gift make sure it's not a surprise. Find out if this works for them. If you must return & you paid by PayPal there is a 60 day window that a refund must happen in,  the fees that PayPal charged will be deducted. We will not refund our original shipping cost, and you are responsible for the cost of shipping back. You will want to return it in the exact cardboard carton it arrived in to avoid being charged and oversized fee. 


*Note if you have drilled any holes into the Canopy system, or modified it in any way, it is no longer returnable.