Installation Instructions RhinoHide Canopies



STEP 4 Attach the strut to the bracket's top 3/8” hole with a 3/8” bolt, (2) washers & locking nut. Pivot strut to a level position and tighten. (Bottom 3/8” hole is never used - its purpose is to make the bracket universal so that it will work on both sides) Clamp the strut to the bracket with either a clamp or Vise Grip Pliers up from the bottom.)

Imperative that the strut doesn’t move while you drill a 1/4” final position hole through the bracket using the hole in the strut as a guide. Do other side making sure the fronts of the struts are level or even. Finish with 1/4” bolts, washers and locking nuts provided.

STEP 5 Position the shell on the struts, center side to side either in the forward or back position as you desire. ( On Zero Turn mowers I think it's a good idea to position the shell in the back position) It's a good idea to clamp the shell to the struts in a couple places while you drill the (4) 3/8” holes up thru the strut holes thru the shell. Insert the 1/4” bolts up thru from the bottom and and put the large washer on  top, then the locking nut. Tighten just to a snug fit. The reason for the larger holes is so that the plastic shell can expand and contract with temperature change.

STEP 6 Tighten all bracket bolts very tight. You are finished - enjoy the ride.


MODE A: Normal bracket installation when ROPS are straight up to slanting backwards. Strut can bolt to either side of bracket  all modes. Bracket attaches to back of ROPS leg with ear looking forward,

MODE B: Used when ROPS lean slightly back or upto 20 degrees forward. This mode will give you more knob clearance on the EASY OFF/ON model. Bracket attaches to the ROPS leg face with ear looking forward.

MODE C: Used  for extreme forward slope ROPS. Bracket attaches to back side of ROPS with ear looking backwards. John Deere Ztrac is a good example. Can be used to great effect when your ROPS are straight up to sloped forward to allow canopy shell to be in the most back position. See Installatuion video.

Video Installation overview

RhinoHide “ THE TOUGH “ Tractor mower canopy  INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS



STEP 1  Place your machine on level floor & have equal tire pressure side to side.

STEP 2 Determine where you desire shell to be in relationship to your ROPS using different MODES A,B,C as a guide. Brackets position on ROPS: TIP: Sitting on the seat hold a strut over your head at the desired height. (a helper is useful) Mark where the tail of the strut is on the ROPS Leg, clamp a straight edge across both ROPS legs & make level with top of the ROPS.

STEP 3 This straight edge (pc. of wood, etc.) forms a perfect temporary seat to sit the brackets on while you attach with U bolts. ( Put a piece of screen wire between the bracket & leg ) Later you can finalize your brackets up or down to suit after installing the struts.