Mounted on FOLDED ROPS  Only available with RhinoHide Canopies.

WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THIS? Primarily if you have a low doorway overhead issue where you don't want to have to fold your ROPS every time you enter. OR You don't want to snag heavy low branches which could be very dangerous! And in the case of extremely tall ROPS it lets you position the shell in an optimum position. The EASY OFF model (E) lets you quickly remove the canopy for further height reduction and safety. 

How do we accomplish this? We need to use the brackets in the  MODE D position where the center 3/8" hole is used usually on a flat to angled ROPS surface top or bottom.

Folding ROPS.jpg

Shown on a Kioti CK3510. For Example on a John Deere 1025R its hinge would be aprox 8" lower so the canopy headroom would be that much closer.

Folded ROPS 2.jpg

Shown along with the BackHoe KIT. To use you would remove the canopy shell, raise your ROPS to the upright position and install shell on  the pins.

Backhoe Kit.jpg
ROPS Kioti below hinge.jpg

Bracket (Mode A or B) attached below the Hinge. ROPS above the hinge folded back. Shown on a Kioti CK3510

Shown in the BackHoe Position ROPS could be at any lean angle.

D Mode bracket.jpg

The bracket in Mode D position is where the center hole is used. This allows for an installation onto a folded back ROPS.

ROPS Kioti Fold Back.jpg

Mode D Bracket position is mounted either on the top or bottom of ROPS top section folded back. Position ROPS where desired and stabilize.

The Model S (Fixed mounting) & Model E (Easy Off/ON would both mount exactly the same. 


RECAP of RhinoHide Features.

(1) Light weight and easily removable.

(2) Super TOUGH 5 yr replacement shell warranty.

(3) Two models Stationary & EASY OFF

(4) Several different mounting positions

(5) FedEx ground shipable

(6) With the BackHoe Kit mountable over the backhoe or mount to another machine

(7) Lower Cost

RhinoHide canopy shown on a 4000 series R attached below the hinge with folded back ROPS. Using Mode A or B position.

JD 4 Folded ROPS.jpg