Kubota Tractor canopy and Mower canopy Gallery

Kubota on extended Easy struts.jpeg

Don thanks for shipping your canopy so quickly. It got here in the nick of time before brush hogging in 90° heat.

My usage requirements are unique, trailering, low door height, varied and crowded rops configuration… your top is the only one on the market that could work in my application and I’m so happy I found it. It is such a well thought out product, and it is literally one of kind in terms of how it mounts and can be configured.  Even its height can be adjusted on the fly making it even more convenient to use. 30 seconds to toss it in the truck bed for trailering. And I can tilt my upper rops to any position without effecting the top. Truly genius design. 
Thank you for developing and making this available to the community. Kevin Lemann

Photo and review of the month.
Kubota L with Rhinohide canopy!.jpg

Great Product, wish I would have had it last week when it was 110 degrees with no canopy.  Easy to install, they provided everything (except tools) for an easy installation.  Took me less than 2 hours all be myself and I am 71 years old.  Thanks Don for a great product. Scott Judy, 

Kubota BX with Rhinohide canopy 4-10.jpg

Please note the canopy brackets have been attached just below the ROPS  hinge. This allows for maximum operator shade and the ROPS can be left up or down. With the EASY Off/On model the canopy shell can be removed at will. Of course the canopy could have been installed to the upright ROPS or even on the folded back ROPS top.

Kiubota BX1870b.jpg
Kubota BX1870c.jpg

First install was to high!

Kubota BX1870a.jpg

I mounted the brackets underneath the hinge. Works well with ROPS up or down. I thought it might be to low, but its just right with or without a hat on. This is 8:30 am and already I'm starting to get shade. Hope to get many years of use out of it. Probably the best money I've spent on this tractor including attachments.  Steve Rozneck  We just had an update from Steve: I just spent 7 hrs out in the field yesterday shredding. Normally in hot summer temps I will work from sunlight till noon. By then the temp is brutal I have to stop for the day. But yesterday I started at sunrise & stopped for lunch at 11:30, came back & worked till 3:00pm. The Rhinohide canopy kept me well shaded, which gave me more stamina to work longer in the afternoon heat. The temp was 97 by then. I was still well shaded but the heat was getting too intense. Your Rhinohide canopy is the best investment I've made in this tractor. Best $$$ I've ever spent. Thanks for a great product.

Kubota BX 1870 REVIEW
Kubota BX Rhinohide  canopy review.jpg

I recenty asked Fred Federico a Facebook question. How do you like your Rhinohide canopy on your BX ?  I love it!... Kept me mostly dry in a downpour a couple weekends ago, pushed over & handled low branches great, and took less than a minute to remove when I ventured into the woods behind my barn to work on my shooting range.  

Kubota BX with Rinohide canopy.jpg
Kubota BX with Rhinohide canopy.jpg
Shown with a Backhoe Kit which allowed to be moved to a more backward position.Normally the kit is used to turn the canopy backward for backhoes with independent seats.
Kubota BX with backhoe.jpeg


A wide  diversity of ROPS configurations. The Rhinohide tractor canopies universal mounting system is able to adapt in multiple ways, from the short and narrow ROPS to the tall and wide.

Kubota - Rhinohide Sunshade.jpg


Rhinohide canopies UNIVERSAL mounting system adapts to all known models.

Kubota with Rhinohide canopy.jpeg

Great product. I have a small garage and was looking for a lightweight product that I could take on and off easily to store my B 2650 and Rhinohide worked perfectly. Easy quick installation, about 30 minutes. Will definitely recommend. Free free to share. Keep up the good work. Chris Calemmo

Wix KO d.jpg

Kubota B with lights


The Rhinohide Uiversal mounting system adapts to almost all L Series ROPS. There are a few that are over 43" wide that we can fit by furnishing extended brackets upon request.

Such as the L2900 pictured to the right. Good upto 46"

Kubota L2900.JPG
Kubota L4600.jpeg

Just installed the Rhinohide canopy on my 1998 Kubota L2900 I purchased new in 1998. Should have done this years ago. Canopy arrived quickly and in good condition. Quality is actually better than anticipated. Although the same material as a dumpster lid the canopy has a nice finish and is attractive in appearance.. Metal parts are substantial and has a nice finish. Installed by this 72 year old by myself with no problem. Although I don't anticipate removing the canopy often it is very easy to remove by myself.  Ferguson 



The Rhinohide system works on all known Kubota  models

Kubota mower Web.jpg

I received a Rhinohide Easy Off/On canopy for Christmas. Quality of materials is excellent. It was easy to install. In my view, you can tell how good a vendor is when there is a problem. We were missing a part. I called the day after Christmas and received a return call within minutes. New parts were shipped that day and were promptly received in good condition. Our experience has been excellent. The product is excellent. Floyd F. Texarkana, AR.


The Rhinohide mounting system fits all of the older models. Some new models we can fit upto 45 1/2"" over all with extended brackets

Kubota BX with folded ROPS.jpg
Kubota M with a Rhinohde canopy.JPG

Here is the installation on my Kubota M. It went very well and only took about 45 minutes. One of the pics shows where I installed the brackets just above the ROPs hinges which put the canopy even with the top of the ROPs  and the braces all the way down on the side arms. Perfect for me as I am 6'2".
This is a perfect kit to install-all parts are there and directions are clear.
Thanks Don.
John R Dunn

Kubota Zero Turn.JPG

This is my 17 year old B 7800 Kubota that I always wanted a roof for but  I could only find them to go on top of the rops which would not fit in my garage, so when I saw yours that you could mount lower I thought that would be good and it worked out perfect. I can now fit in my garage with the roof on, I can haul my shovel and rake  to fill potholes on my lane with the roof on and I can put the rops up and everything clears the roof, I love it. thank you. Tim Walker

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