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 Great product and fast delivery!  Shipped on Tuesday and arrived on Thursday.  
This thing was easy to install and it looks great!  And it's tough just as advertised!  Broke some dead limbs off of a few trees with it box blading a trail today and it didn't flinch!  The limbs that didn't break just rolled right over it. M.Sanders

Look's like Wiliam Fortenberry is sitting pretty!

Rhinhide canopy Mahindra 1635.jpg

Hank & Gena Hamilton from

Hamiltonville Farm Video channel

Mahindra Hank.jpg

I'm guessing that this is Shawn Holloway's  better half.


Todd Hovis  Hes also got the BackHoe Kit installed.

The Mahindra MAX
Mahindra Max 4-10.jpg

Captured from FaceBook

Mahindra hay.jpg
Mahindra Forward pitch.jpg