14 Million Windfall

Updated: Feb 6

Update Feb. 6

Steve called me last night and said that several "Clients" had expressed the same concern I had had about the lawyers wording about their compensation. I thought it was probably just boilerplate, but no after pinning them down they wanted expense etc money on a monthly basis along with this huge contingency fee. Well this was not going to fly, so now they don't want to take the case pretty much making the whole thing mute. My take is they didn't actually ever think the case had all the merit they first expressed. I never got involved with the attorney selection or meetings so I only know stuff from here say. Anyway I hope your hopes weren't raised to high, I always thought this was a long shot.

Update 1/9/21

Talked to Steve Martens today about his meet with the lawyer yesterday; Conclusion is that her will would be hard to break. I know I'm not in the mood to expend money or energy in pursuing this as some others have shared, its pretty much a dead issue.. Guess us poor folks will just have to keep on keepen on!

The Contested will of Nancy Ruth Botham only child of George J and Nellie Botham (deceased)Liberty, Missouri Estimated estate value 14 million dollars. In an unsound state of mind for a lengthy time did leave her entire estate to Richard Goodwin ( a non relative longtime companion) and North Kansas City Hospital. Steve Martens a first cousin is spearheading an effort to contest this will. He states that Richard Goodwin 83 years old with a bad heart condition and cognitive issues may sign an affidavit that he doesn’t want family money??? Steve needs contact info for the attorney to send out info to all parties that might have a financial beneficiary interest in this.. The attorney will work on a contingency basis with $2000 down to start the legal process. We would all need to contribute in this. Steve said that uncle George had promised to him, Larry Chestnut deceased and Paul Franz (cousins) a share in his will that Nancy changed after his death. The attorney needs everyone’s info before starting legal action.

\UPDATE February 3,2021

The suit is going forward. I received my lawyer contract etc. yesterday. The retainer fee of $2000 has been paid by Steve Martens. The estimated share for each first cousins line is $100. I am going to pay this first part (as a family gift) for each first cousins line in Bessie Botham McCoy's line. A total of $400. You may be asked to share in any additional expenses if you decide to become a "client" in the suit. George's kids/one grandchild would divide a first cousins share of recovered monies as would Harold's kids. You would have to sign and return the Attorney's client contract to participate to Steve Martens our acting up front person in a timely manner. If you didn't receive the packet from Steve Martens let me know.

Ok here's my take on the situation and what I have heard. Nancy was in a car wreck a couple years ago and had brain injury. She died in July last year with dementia or alltimers in a total care facility. Her state of mind at the time she made her last will is suspect. Richard Goodwin the primary beneficiary (11.4 million) is 83 in bad health and Steve has said he is not that interested in "family" money ???? If this is true and the hospitals due to receive all assets over 11.4 million is satisfied then a quick settlement may be reached. If Richard Goodwin wants to pursue this he could draw this out until his lawyers get the whole thing. Its my understanding that I/you could drop out at anytime. I'm proceeding under the assumption that the attorneys are set to make 30 to 50% on a contingency basis. As you read their contract agreement please advise if you disagree and we will get clarification.

Finally you might ask just who was Nancy Botham. Her father George Botham was my mothers (Bessie) brother making me, Dorothy, Harold and George her first cousins. How did she become so rich? Her folks left her the family farm which (partof ?) became subdivided etc and became very valuable. For some reason the lawyers don't want us to use email to communicate with each other. My phone is 785-219-1111 if you want to talk. I'm posting this to my blog at www.rhinohidecanopies.com

Don McCoy

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