Should you trust your tractor to a teenager?

I have heard that the human male brain doesn’t reach maturity until around age 25. Having had the experience of going thru my teen years I remember a time when I was about 13 that with 1/2 a brain I and my dads tractor #4 tried to kill each other. Back in those days everything was manual shift with a clutch. Also being frugal we learned that if you put your transmission in neutral you could coast down hills and save gas. We called this Chinese overdrive. Well if you’ve read my other posts you know that I was raised on Rock Crusher Hill, a long winding road about 3/4 mile long that dropped steadily about 300 feet with a ravine about 30 feet deep all along the right side. Now the tractor had some things going against it, a single front wheel and split rear brake pedals under my right foot. Why is this important well you could apply brake to either wheel and turn it on a dime. Well I took it out of gear and started to free wheel down. Man this is really fun, man this is getting really hairy, this is getting scary. If I don’t apply equal pressure on both brake pedals at the same time I’m going to be in DEEP dodo. INDECISION meanwhile I’m going faster & faster. All I really remember is I was riding an angry snake on steroids that was weaving all over the road. But by the grace of God and an angel on my shoulder I “survived” somehow. I got a whole lot wiser that day. I never told anybody what a dumb thing I had done.

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