The history and need for tractor ROPS

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

I thought you might be interested in how and why ROPS (Roll over protective structures) came about. Farming over the years has been one of the most dangerous occupations concerning the greatest number of people. My grandfather lost his life in a roll over. People all the time who are new to turf or agriculture ask "Whats a ROPS? If you say Roll Bar then almost everybody knows what your talking about.

The first incidence I've found was in 1959 when Sweden started requiring that ROPS be a part of standard equipment.

The first use in America was in June of 1966, John Deere announced the release of "Roll Gard". Since that time ROPS have become a mandatory safety feature on all brands manufactured in the USA. The "grey" tractor market which imports foreign tractors into the USA usually does not

meet this standard. For example most of the tractors in India do not have a ROPS.

It's common for operator fatalities to happen in older tractor roll overs with out a ROPS.

Of course the additional benefit to having a ROPS on your machine is now its the perfect logical place to mount the Universal Rhinohide canopy. It also has safety features built in, in that you will have a layer of protection from sun stroke and cancer plus a much more comfortable ride. The old time giant steam tractors didn't have a roll bar but they sure enough had a super big canopy. Check out See Part2

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