Tribute to my Dad Part 3

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

Mom & Dad - Bess & Mack McCoy
Mom & Dad - Bess & Mack McCoy

Please pardon the quality of these pictures They originated from 8 millimeter film that was about 30 years old when I video taped their showing on a white sheet, Then these VHF tapes were later converted to DVD & then photographed while playing

on a TV set.

Please notice in the ice cream photo above the stack of concrete blocks. He had designed a system of machines to make concrete blocks. My older brother George (10 years) with a scooter he and Dad built. Center pic shows George plowing on tractor #3.

Dad had invented and patented a potato vine cutting machine that cut and diverted the vines over to & under the tractors wheels. This allowed all the potatoes to be exposed after the digger dug them. He sold about 35 of them up & down the Kaw valley a major growing area that was radically changed for the worst after the 1951 flood. He tried to sell them in North Dakota, Idaho and California but it was not suited due to letting their vines completely wither before harvest. I can only wish that he would have lived to see his son take two product lines national. Of course Dad was only happy when he was constantly designing and building something new.

Me taking kids and Mom for trailer rides and me distributing blocks around the new house being built on Rock Crusher Hill. Mom with me supervising her milking her cow. Always an entrepreneur, Mom sold milk, butter and whipped cream to the neighbors near and far.

Dad had had a remarkable career spanning from the horse & buggy days to supersonic travel. I forgot to mention that he had lost the sight of one eye in an accident back in the thirties. I sometimes would close one eye while I was running a machine and wonder how in the world did he do it. He kept on building stuff after he retired in my sister Dorothy's husband Burl Acklin's machine shop he had started in Clinton , MO. He built Burl a hydraulic press and he made several wood turning lathes for friends and relatives. He also started making propeller driven whirly jigs. His last project was to design and build a stairway platform elevator.for his basement commute. Truly amazing. Well I had a great childhood, a family who was always there for me and that i never doubted would have my back. They gave me such freedom, I was a "free ranger" with my $5 bike, then my 125 Harley at 14 and my 50 Chev at 16 which I bought from wages earned in the shop. What Dad & Mom taught me set me on a good path. They got the family installed in a new church plant my freshman year which had lasting results. When I got out of the Navy its where I met and married the love of my life, Diane. We are working on 56 amazing years. If I received any ability to think I'll give Dad the credit, any wisdom I received I would have to credit Mom. I only wish that I could tell them how great they were. I truly believe that I will still get that chance. As always I appreciate any back links to

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