Tribute to my Dad Part 1

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

Mack McCoy doing what he loved best.
This is how I will always remember my Dad

This blog is a tribute to my Dad “Mack” M.D. McCoy. 1898 to 1982. A self educated Engineer, master auto mechanic, Machinist, home builder, & maker of anything he or anyone else wanted built. His gift was being able to figure something out, see it in his mind in an exploded view and build it. Didn’t need a lot of paper to put his ideas down on. If he needed something his first and maybe only thought was to build it. Later he built several tools for his machine shop, a hydraulic surface grinder, a hydraulic press. a metal cutoff bandsaw and more. I had the privilege as a kid in helping him build houses and growing up in his machine shop. Lessons were real simple, monkey see monkey do. Mom had the green thumb so I got to do a lot of chores on our three acre homestead. She always had a cow, chickens, sheep, a large garden, pasture & hay field. I now marvel at how much stuff we had going on. Dads shop set in the middle of it all. Since this blog is going to pertain to tractors and related stuff I want to tell you about the line of tractors Dad built over the years. I believe his first tractor was around 1935. Anyway thats when his Dad William Hugh McCoy lost his life in a roll over in western Johnson county, Kansas. He was transporting the tractor when he went over an embankment, and severed a leg. The conclusion was he had probably had a heart attack. Ironically Dad’s life ended likewise in 1982 when he ran into the end of an old fashioned bridge abutment.

. Tractor #2 was during WW2 when my parents both worked at Lake City Remington Arms ammunition plant and we rented a place with some acreage outside Blue Springs, , Mo. Anyway Mom was out chasing pigs that had got out the day before I was born. We had to grow stuff during the war and we needed a tractor. Any one else remember rationing stamps?

After the war we moved back to acreage & a home we owned at Morris , KS. Dad had a auto repair shop there where he did complete motor overhauls, ring & valve jobs and new main bearings and everything else. It wasn’t pretty, thank God I didn’t inherit that gene, This was about the same time he started transiting into the machine shop. He invented a concrete block making machine that my Mom set up and starting bossing a crew making blocks for sale. Dad made a couple more of these machines and sold them. Mom wanted more land so we bought 5 1/2 acres east a couple of miles on top of Rock Crusher Hill. We made all the blocks for a large new home and basement and large chicken house 24 x 40. We lived in this while we built what we called the big white house. Ironically Mom developed hay fever and she was a mess every summer after this. so we never did have chickens here, this was turned into a rental that my 3rd grade teachers family lived in. During this time Dad had built Tractor #3. and a trailer. Dad had bought a Revere eight millimeter camera during the war so a lot of this is documented. At eight years old I 'm seen driving this tractor distributing blocks to be laid for the house. ( Can you imagine I could back a trailer at eight years old) ! Our neighbor kids and extended family liked to come and be pulled around. Our extended family was large, Mom had six sisters living and two brothers and most were local. Continued at Part2 As always i appreciate any back links to this site

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