Video by third party Reviewers.

A good comparison between Rhinohide HDPE, John Deere Polymer and Steel. How you could expect your canopy functionality to perform.

Hank and Gena Hamilton host the YouTube channel Hamiltonville Farms. They are Air Force veterans living out their dream on a 75 acre modern day homestead in the pan handle of Florida. Hank is a homespun videographer relating their adventures from pole barn building to the safe way to clip chicken wings. I think you will find him both entertaining and informative. Subsribe to their channel & ring the bell for future notifications.

Tony's Tractor Adventures video channel Tony's latest project is building an in ground pool. He has a time lapse video that is quite interesting. He has many videos that I would recommend viewing.

Garrett Yoshida is a rural life styler living his dream along with his family and crew of dogs on acreage down south. Garrett takes on many projects and reviews a lot of different tools in a laid back entertaining style. He does a great job of explaining the different ways the Rhinohide canopy functions. I highly recommend subscribing to his You Tube channel  OandD Life.( stands for orange & dirty )

Tractor Mike is a former implement dealer with years of experience in the use and maintenance of tractors and equipment. He has a You Tube channel dedicated  to helping the inexperienced become capable in learning everything you would ever want / need to know to be a successful rural life style liver.

I recommend you subscribe to his work its the best on this subject. Tractor Mike has an online store which carries our canopy along with many other items that you will need. www,asktractormike,com