Canopy Don welcomes you to RhinoHide Canopies, home of the "TOUGH" Tractor /  Mower canopy

When we say "TOUGH" we mean "TOUGH"!

Canopy Don on Rhino.jpg
  • See a 4# hammer try to beat one to death.

  • Watch a tractor run over one.

  • See how a shot gun fared

  • See a wild ride through the trees 

A RhinoHides natural urge when it sees a tree limb is to CHARGE!  
RhinoHide canopies are a Cool TOOL to add comfort and safety to your equipment use. When we say tool we mean something to be "USED & maybe ABUSED" for the long haul not just a pretty decorative ROPS ornament.

Why buy a  RhinoHide tractor canopy? 

They are your best value!

  • Made from High Density HDPE it's practically indestructible.

  • Its UNIVERSAL design will fit virtually any ROPS with legs upto *2-1/4" x 4" x 43" wide, at any lean angle. 

      * LINK TO JOHN DEERE 2 3/8" sq. ROPS

  • Can install above or below the ROPS top.

  • Can trailer if installed in level position.





  • COLOR: Black, no paint to scratch, chip or fade.

  • SIZE; 37" wide x 45" long.

  • WEIGHT: Stationary model (S)  33# - EASY OFF/ON model (E) 34# Material HDPE .200 Thick.

  1. FUNCTION over FASHION The Rhinohide Universal tractor / mower canopies are the most functional way of mounting to your equipment. The unique mounting system developed after 30 years in the business is totally universal in that the two struts & mounting brackets have no rights or lefts and they will attach to your ROPS in such ways that they will cover ROPS lean (slant) 30 degrees forward or back.

  1. You can also position the canopy shell in front of the ROPS, either above or below the ROPS top.

  2. You can position the canopy shell back over the ROPS top.

  3. You can position the canopy shell way back over the ROPS top where The ROPS has a severe forward lean such as the John Deere Ztracs.

  4. EASE OF INSTALLATION : All you need are a tape measure, basic wrenches and a 1/4 & 3/8" drill bits. A small  level will take any guest work out.

RECAP of RhinoHide Features.(1) Light weight and easily removable.(2) Two models Stationary & EASY OFF

(3) Can Mount to a folded down ROPS

4) FedEx ground shipable

(5) With the BackHoe Kit mountable over the backhoe or mount to another machine

(6) Lower Cost

John Deere mower with Rhinohide canopy.j

Typical mower and tractor installation