John Deere Forward Leaning ROPS (5) Mounting Options

Why would I want a Rhinohide canopy on my John Deere? Short answer it is the toughest most universally fundamental canopy that will attach to “ANY” known John Deere Tractor or mower ROPS. For example there are 5 different positions it can mount to on the severe forward sloping ROPS like the new 1025r  & if you don’t like one way you can change it to another. A lot of users leave their ROPS folded down because they have a door clearance issue & they don’t want to be constantly messing with putting it up & down. Two of the mounting options let you mount in the Folded position. With our Model E Easy Off you can remove & reinstall in less than a minute with no tools. Which is also very convenient for when you have to work around “large” tree limbs.  Rhinohide’s super tough shell Will laugh at your small limbs & even move them out of your path. Why suffer in the heat when it’s so easy to ride & work in comfort!

I have just been advised that the ROPS legs
on the newer 2025r are 2 3/8" Square. OUR
We now offer a solution. We substitute a plate with 3 bolts for the Standard Ubolt. 
John Deere 2025  mounting.jpg

Option #1 MODE B mounted under the hinge. Probably the best position for maximum shade with the ROPS up.

It could have been raised another 3" creating aprox 36" between seat and shell bottom. As shown it is 77"  high  overall. Owner wanted  overhead clearance where he didn't have to remove the canopy. The ROPS could be laid back straight. There would be about 6" headroom for a 6' person. I want to give credit and thanks to Michael Hedden for his photos & info on his 2025.

1025r profile.jpg
1025r closeup.jpg
1025r front view.jpg

OPTION #2  Same as above with the Mode B brackets attached above the hinges.  Shell will cant down in front about10 degrees. Model E Easy Off is recommended fpr all options.

JD 1025R Rhinohide canopy best .jpg

John Hall sent this photo and remarks about his 1025R installation : This is how I mounted my top. I thought it was going to be to low, I'm 6'1 but it's just right.

OPTION #1  looks like it is going to be very popular. The nice thing is if you don't like it one way you can always change to another option.

OPTION #2 same as above with the Brackets mounted in mode B above the hinge. Shell will cant down in front.

OPTION #3 MODE C brackets putting struts over the top of the ROPS All of the other canopy brands will mount to the top of the ROPS.   Provides less shade than other options.

1025r option 2.jpg

OPTION #4 MODE D EASY OFF model where the ROPS folds back flat.  This option will allow the farthest back shell position of any. 

 If you have a backhoe you will remove the canopy & raise the ROPS to original position. If you have a BackHoe Kit installed then you can then install the canopy facing back for BackHoe use. Allows for easy shell removal for low opening entrance.

John Deere 2025R wix.jpg
Wix JD FS ROPS.jpeg
Wix JD FS (2).jpeg
John Deere 1025R folded ROPS RhinoHide 1

The Model S (Fixed mounting) & Model E (Easy Off/ON would both mount exactly the same. 


RECAP of RhinoHide Features.

(1) Light weight and easily removable.

(2) Five different mounting positions

(3) FedEx ground shipable

(4) With the BackHoe Kit mountable over the backhoe or mount to another machine

(5) Lower Cost

If I read the instructions carefully the first time the installation would have taken a whole lot less time! Ha! Once I was on track, the installation was quick and simple; and you can see from the picture that I have plenty of headroom even with the ROPS in the forward position. The canopy and mounting hardware are seriously heavy duty. I ordered the easy removal hardware, and it makes it so easy to remove and replace! I am very satisfied and happy with your product. C Leubner

Rhinohide canopy on JD Forward slope ROP

This OPTION #5 is for the brave at heart! This option will improve Option 3 by moving the canopy down apox 9" & back 6"  to 14".

Rhino 1.jpg
Rhino back.jpg

Top Shell had the option of being mounted back 8" further on the struts.

Rhino 4.jpg

NOTE: To achieve 7 foot clearance with the canopy removed Make the cut 11" above the hinge. As shown at 9 1/2"  the canopy top is 7' 3"  tall. Shell can be turned around for Backhoe use using the same pins. Canopy will cant upwards.

From the top of the hinge I would cut the vertical legs into 11" up. Then slide the ROPS top section down over the lower section. Using the Rhinohide brackets and U Bolts clamp the two legs together. Go ahead and install the brackets in the MODE C configuration flush with the tubing bottom.  The RhinoHide U bolts will handle the ROPS double thickness. If  you get this far contact me with a picture & I will send you two more U Bolts , plates with holes & nuts so that you will have four U bolts holding your ROPS .This will soon be a kit you can order. together.

You  can always weld the legs together then it has to be stronger then original!

We think Your new design is going to be stronger than the original because its shorter and double legged. OK whats the downside. Your Dealer is going to throw a hissyfit  when you trade it in because you altered the "sacred" factory ROPS. 

Here is a photo of my new Rhinohide canopy on my 2020 JD 2025R. Fits perfect, keeps me cool as advertisements states. I'm extremely satisfied in the product, performance and price! Thank you for providing a wonderful product that delivers comfort  and protection. Darrell Brown
John Deere 2025R wix.jpg

The installation went smooth. I installed the canopy just under the hinge on my rear folding ROPS. This allows me to raise the ROPS if necessary . I am 5' 11" tall. The canopy gives me nearly total shade. Terry Nance

JD position 1.jpg