Thank you for the quick shipping and awesome product, I love it. I’ll be recommending you to everyone I know.Thanks again,Dave Bernie
Bobcat and Rhin9ohide canopy.jpeg

Got the Rhinohide mower canopy installed over 2 months ago on my Big Dog mower and finally got around to getting a few pictures. Works great, heavy duty for sure. I mow 5 to 10 acres a week and its former timber company land (pine) that has stump holes constantly opening up and everything takes a severe beating as new holes are opening up and old ones settling more. Working on a secure heavy duty way to attach a wide angle mirror and a hanger for my grabber because everything made of light stuff so far has broken or come loose but not the Rhinohide canopy.Thanks Bill

i Guys,


I ordered this canopy about a week ago. The shipping was amazingly fast considering I'm still receiving Christmas cards that were mailed December 11th. LOL

I'm an old guy and worked alone. That being said, the project went well. I could have done it in 1/3 the time if I would have had a helper. I'm very pleased with the canopy and may make a few small adjustments when the warmer weather shows up.

All of the parts were in the bag, and the instructions were fine.

All in all, a nice addition to my tractor. Thanks!!


Frank Hoffmann

Kubota folded ROPS.JPG

Don, Here is a picture of the Rhinohide mower canopy on my Grasshopper.The install was easy thanks to the clear directions. The EASY OFF / ON feature is exactly as you described and what I was looking for. Overall great quality, thank you. George

Hello Don... got the Rhinohide canopy installed this morning and I am very pleased!! Decided to mount it lower for garage door clearance, surprisingly .. even this height absolutely does not impact mounting or dismounting the tractor at all.. I wanted a color coordinated top but the black Rhinohide looks super nice and I'm picky! Thanks for a great TOUGH product !! David, Va.

Just wanted to show you how the RhinoHide canopy gave our old JD some style. 

Love this old tractor even more now.

Love the Canopy. Let the sun shine!

Thanks Roger and Rhonda. 

Installation was simple & straight forward, took about 30 min doing it myself.What a difference it makes, mowed during the heat of the day without any problems. I was worried about one area with a lot of tree limbs, it actually made it easier, it allowed the branches to slide up over the top instead of slapping me in the face. This is one tough product. Great product, good price, great people to deal with. Darrell B. Alabama

Hi Don, I took advantage of a rainy day to install my new Rhinohide mower canopy on my Ferris Zero Turn. Installation was easy and I like the final results. Since this is my second canopy from you I knew how I wanted it mounted. I learned that mounting it low keeps it in my field of view so I don't forget to watch for clearance. Your product & service are great, I ordered on Thursday afternoon, you shipped on Friday and FedEx delivered before noon on Tuesday! Can't beat that! Thanks for a quality product. Mike H

IMG_1243 (2).jpg


John Deere  w/ new 1025R ROPS

Don, Here are the photos of the canopy mounted in the folded ROPS position on my JD 1025R.

Personally, I would never operate in this manner as my yard is extremely hilly. I’m a bit of a safety nerd and wouldn’t endorse anyone to operate without the ROPS locked up… But, for the sake of seeing what it would look like, here are the images..Requires MODE D Brackets Option #1

John Deere 1025R folded ROPS RhinoHide 1

Head room could be decreased 2" by mounting bracket on bottom of strut. You can change mounting positions at a later time.

John Deere 1025R folded ROPS
John Deere 1025R Option# 2 Side.jpg

Here is the final install in Option #2. 

The John Deere 1025R isn’t canopy-friendly due to the height and slope of the ROPS. I felt that the RhinoHide Canopy was the best product because of the mounting options and the Easy-Off feature. The durable plastic was key, as I have many low branches that would destroy a fiberglass canopy, especially in the winter when snow-blowing.

In order to fit under the 8-foot garage door the canopy needed to be mounted as close to the ROPS as possible. I was able to keep the height at a minimum by mounting the struts snug to the radius of the ROPS. This was done by bolting the struts outside of the bracket.. It lowers it by several inches.

I zip-tied a piece of rubber to the struts where they rest on the ROPS to protect the finish and limit noise. Mounted this way the canopy has even better support....

Fitted with the stock R3 turf tires my John Deere 1025R measures approximately 92 inches to the top of the canopy and easily fits under the 96-inch (8-foot) garage door.


I’ve already banged it off several tree branches without issue. A bigger canopy might serve this particular tractor better because of the height above the operator, which will limit sun protection somewhat (see mounting option #1 & 4) but as compromises go, this is the best canopy.

Dan G. New Hampshire

Hi Don, Love the canopy. Easy install. Really Rugged. Great product. FYI, It's so solid I added a front flat bar cross brace under the bottom of the struts using the mounting holes with longer bolts in order to mount a LED light bar aimed forward  and I also used the bolts on the strut brackets to mount some 3" square LED lights aimed to the rear. I love the extra light when moving snow at night & they are out of the weather under the canopy. I'm also installed a 1/4" loop locking style hitch pin thru the strut and Easy pin (both tubes) to keep the struts from separating when I trailer. (GREAT IDEA)

The tractor is a Kubota B2630 and is at the size limit for cables that I used. I fabricated the cross bar out of 3/16 x 1-1/2 flat bar and used 1/2"  longer front bolts than the ones you provided. Cables are held by self adhesive cable clamps from HD that have a quick release feature allowing easy detachment of the cables from the canopy frame  so they stay on the tractor everything else is zip tied in place.

22" LED light was a Kit from Tractor Supply.

Timothy Borkowski

Massey GC.jpg

Thanks Don, Great product - very happy as it will help both the Sun & Snow duties here in northern New England. The fact that the canopy comes off allows me to still store it in my sub-barn with barely 6'  height. Joe Cantors Massey GC

LS and Rhinohide canopy model E.jpg
I purchased this canopy a couple of years ago and really put it to the test. It handles all of the abuse I can throw at it and holds off the rain and the sun to boot. Great product! Brian Guinn

This is my 17 year old B 7800 Kubota that I always wanted a roof for but  I could only find them to go on top of the rops which would not fit in my garage, so when I saw yours that you could mount lower I thought that would be good and it worked out perfect. I can now fit in my garage with the roof on, I can haul my shovel and rake  to fill potholes on my lane with the roof on and I can put the rops up and everything clears the roof, I love it. thank you. Tim Walker

Kubota montage.jpg
Great canopy. Simple install. Works Great! Tom Linn
1996 New Holland 1715

Iran Susunaga:

This canopy fits perfect on my Bobcat 4045!

Bobcat Model S.jpg
Old Ford (3).jpg